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NEW! Expanded diversity with respect to divisions NEW!...Church Choir Division!

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Congratulations to Ansley Burns and to Brock Smith, Our Grand Prize Winners for 2017 Best Singer in the State!

BSS 2017 WinnersGracie and Sara Bryant, DUET Division Winners

Ist Runner-up, YOUTH Division, Jamarion RIley

1st Runner-up, ADULT Division, Maria Michaels


Each Grand Prize winner recieves a $2,500 grand prize check, a trophy, bragging rights, and studio time.

Click here to see the 2017 BSS album of performance highlights

See the list of all contestants here



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From the President:

Welcome to the Best Singer in the State Vocal Performance Competition!

It is with great honor that I’ve been blessed to present such an empowering program, one which continues to provide a meaningful and rewarding platform for aspiring vocal artists to use to inspire and encourage future artists with an opportunity to improve their professional performing skills while rewarding excellence, determination, drive, planning, and courage. Chance and success favor the prepared…and sometimes the road to success starts with defeat. This program offers you an invaluable opportunity to prepare for that one day and that one chance to prove yourself on a major/global stage.

I wish each and every contestant the best, and may you receive our intent in the spirit in which this program was developed. Thank you and good luck to all.


Robert Hoefer

President, Owner, and Founder
Best Singer in the District
Best Singer in the State
Pitch Doctors LLC



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